This course is designed to certify officers as PepperBall® Operators, giving them the tools and knowledge to safely and effectively deploy the PepperBall® system in a wide variety of situations. Students will learn the history of PepperBall®, as well as become familiar with the different PepperBall® launchers and various PepperBall® projectiles. Students will cover several situations where PepperBall® has been used with great success. Many of these include anti-riot, vehicle interdiction, combative suspects, and non-compliant individuals. Other course topics include; field operations, deployment considerations, routine maintenance, and tactics. After completion of this course, students will be confident in deploying the PepperBall® system in any real-world situation they may encounter.


In addition to the information presented in the Operator’s Course, the PepperBall® Instructor/Armorer Certification Course also certifies students as PepperBall Instructors and Armorers for their individual agency, allowing the attendee to design a course in the safe and effective use of the PepperBall® system, as well as service and maintain their agency’s PepperBall® Launchers. Students will develop the skills needed for the safe operation, deployment, and maintenance of the PepperBall® system. They are also given the knowledge and materials to build a custom PepperBall® course, that fits within their specific agency, and adheres to their policies and procedures. Topics include: projectiles, launchers, field operations, deployment tactics, instructing users, and a range practical, all designed to prepare the student to instruct their agency in the deployment of PepperBall®.

The Armorer portion of the course will teach the students how to maintain, breakdown, and assemble the various PepperBall® launchers. Students will become proficient in working with the launchers. After completion of this course, students will be able to identify, problem solve, repair, and maintain the various PepperBall® launcher systems.