Officers use PepperBall® on man they say had a tomahawk

Colerain Township, OH – A man accused of attacking police officers with a tomahawk has been charged with three counts of felonious assault.

Officers on scene say Sean Arbuckle, 52, lunged at them several times with a tomahawk in one hand and a bayonet in the other.

“To watch how quickly that situation evolved and how dangerous it was for them, to react the way that they did makes you very proud as a chief — that you hired the right people and trained them the correct way and you can trust them to be in the community and do the right thing,” said Colerain Police Chief Mark Denney.

“There are several points in the video they would have been justified in using deadly force, but they were willing to forgo that and use some of their other options that they had,” Denney said.

In the video, officers are seen shooting him with pepperballs filled a powdered chemical that irritates the eyes and nose.

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