The Brand Synonymous with "Non-Lethal Projectile"

With multiple payload options

and a proprietary chemical irritant that’s proven more effective from even greater distances, PepperBall® projectiles offer the protection and versatility for any situation. Available in both round and VXR versions, PepperBall projectiles can be operated at virtually any temperature from as far away as 150 feet and with an area saturation of up to 50 meters. Each projectile is carefully designed to help protect you in real-world situations so you can be confident that you have the tools needed to effectively do your job and make it home safely.

Our projectiles are so effective, the term “pepperball” has become synonymous with any non-lethal irritant filled projectile. But don’t let that fool you. If it’s not PepperBall®, it’s just an imitation. When lives are at stake, make sure your team is equipped with the safest and most effective projectile on the market.