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As part of our mission to help you be effective and safe in fulfilling your mission, we have created a one-of-a-kind training program to ensure your team is ready for a wide variety of situations. Our Master Trainers have decades of in-field experience in military, law enforcement, corrections, and more. Leveraging this knowledge and your unique needs, our training courses are designed to make sure all users are confident in their ability to deploy their PepperBall® system at the right time and distance. 

Over 5,000 agencies worldwide utilize PepperBall for their missions. Agencies we’ve trained include:

  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Marines
  • Coast Guard
  • Border Patrol
  • Corrections Officers
Training Overview

PepperBall Training Courses Include:


Who should take this course: Members of your agency who will lead internal training sessions and be responsible for maintaining your PepperBall® launchers. Every agency wishing to deploy PepperBall® systems should have at least one certified officer.

Course overview: This course certifies students as PepperBall® Instructors and Armorers for their individual agency, allowing them to design a course in the safe and effective use of the PepperBall® system and to service and maintain their launchers. 

What you will learn: In addition to everything covered in the Operator course, students will develop the skills needed for the safe operation, deployment, and maintenance of the PepperBall® system. They are given the knowledge and materials to build a custom PepperBall® course that fits within their specific agency and adheres to their policies and procedures. The Armorer portion of the course will teach students how to maintain, break down, and assemble the various PepperBall® launchers. After completion of this course, students will be able to identify, problem solve, repair, and maintain the various PepperBall® launcher systems.

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Custom Training Sessions

Does your agency have specific needs or want a custom training session? Our Master Trainers have the experience to help your team effectively deploy non-lethal systems in virtually any situation. Contact us today for a custom training session designed for your unique applications.

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